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A little about us, our founders, how it works and some fun photos of us in action!

The makings of Southern Girl Desserts

In 2007 when the company was founded, there were no dessert companies dedicated to desserts made popular in the south and as a new comer to Los Angeles.Co-owner Catarah Coleman noticed the people she encountered didn’t have the traditional southern mannerisms she was used to. Those two things prompted her motivation to create a dessert company that reflected the hospitality she grew to know and love and desserts that could only be made by the hands of true southern girls.

Just six months after Southern Girl was founded, co-owner Shoneji Robison joined the team instantly creating the duo, now known as the “Dessert Divas”.  Shoneji’s decorating and baking knowledge and celebrity connections added the push the company needed to expand to a broader audience. Together the two combined their family and personal recipes and haven’t looked back since.

Southern Girl Desserts only creates desserts that have strong southern ties and do their best to introduce and many times remind their customers of the unique and sweet flavors found only in the south. It has never been their mission to compete with the everyday cupcake and dessert shops; yet they strive to make their desserts better than the MaDears, grandma’s, aunt’s and mama’s of their customers.

The ultimate compliment is, “This is better than my mama’s”. SGD has found that celebrities love their southern flavored desserts as well. Accomplished actors, athletes and entertainers such as Stevie Wonder, Denzel and Pauletta Washington, Nick Cannon, Kimberly Elise, Reagan Gomez and Hill Harper all have had a taste of their southern delicacies.

You won’t find wild and crazy flavors here; yet you’ll discover that the made from scratch southern style of baking that Southern Girl Desserts has acquired is from the heart. As southern girls Catarah and Shoneji both grew up knowing that homemade desserts were the only way to go. They may not have culinary degrees, but were taught by the best and it’s reflected in every bite.

Now you can experience the southern desserts across the U.S. with our one of a kind bake boxes and cake in a jars. Whether you just have a sweet tooth or are in need of a unique gift, let Southern Girl Desserts give you a taste of the south.